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Quantitative Methods in Marketing - 2nd Semester 2019

Extra class this Thursday, November 14 - lab 1333 1:00 p.m.

Course outline

Class notes and exercises

1. Introduction

2. Stata tutorial: basic commands

3. Estimating the impact of advertising on sales: econometric issues

3.1 Simultaneity

3.2 Dynamic effects

Test 1

3.3 Causality

A1 - September 30

4. Discrete choice models and consumer behavior

4.1 Choice between two brands: binomial models

4.2 Choice between several brands: multinomial models

4.3 Multinomial ordered models

4.4 Censored data: tobit models

Support material

Stata user´s guide: basic commands

Cameron & Trivedi: Microeconometrics Using Stata

Berndt: The Practice of Econometrics

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