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This web site is divided in 8 different areas which you can access using the buttoms at the top.

Two sets of links (one directly related to this web page and its complement ) are also available in all pages.

The second buttom from the left to the right (Course materials) presents current and previous course materials. It includes syllabi, problem sets, tests, grade distributions, solutions to problem sets etc. from courses given in the previous three years. It includes Dynamic Optimization (Analysis 2) and Topics in Macroeconomics. Another section includes suggestions for research and dissertations.

Under the third buttom (Published Academic Papers), one can find links to all academic peer-reviewed articles published in Brazilian and in international Periodics (Academic Journals). Though donwloads of these papers is restricted by policies of different academic databases (such as JSTOR, Science Direct etc.), they are usually possible when access is made from within libraries.

Obs. A list of academic production including not only peer-reviewed articles, but also books and book chapters, is available under the link Main Academic Publications, to the right of the front page.

The fourth buttom (Policy Papers by Year ) brings positions papers, journal articles and interviews related to economic policies. In this case, a direct download of ALL articles is possible for anyone accessing this web page (there is no need to log in to specific library databases).

The fifth buttom from the left (Working Papers) allows for direct downloads from the series “Ensaios Econômicos da EPGE”. Again, as it happens to Policy Papers by Year, a direct download of ALL working papers is possible for anyone accessing this web page (there is no need to log in to specific library databases). Donwloads of these and other working papers from EPGE/FGV, maybe sometimes more slowly, can also be obtained from the Digital Library of the Getulio Vargas Foundation at the web address

The next two buttoms include books, book chapters and policy papers. Here, policy papers are classified by subject, rather than by year (as before). Some policy papers of different authors are also included for completion of arguments. Such policy papers not authored by myself may sometimes not appear under the “Policy Paper by Year” title. Aside from the type of classification (by year and by subject), this is the only possible difference between the articles which appear under these two buttoms. The classification used in “Policy Papers by Subject” is a standard one, the same used by the Central Bank of Brazil to classify economic series.

The last buttom on the right, Seminars, links to some previous coordination activities carried out by the author of this home page when in his former position as Research Director of the Graduate School of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (EPGE/FGV). Participations in some specific seminars or workshops may also be presented in the future, at times when there is some relevant material to be published.

Obs. This website is written in english to allow for a broader (international) audience. I apologize for not having a version of it in portuguese.