Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for implementing all measures of academic, administrative and financial nature belonging to the undergraduate student's school life, as well as maintenance of school records, as required by law and the rules in place at the School.

Its duties include, among others, responsibility for registering students; to provide, submit, publish and issue documents relating to the academic life of the student, such as student identity, payment slips, statements, transcripts, diplomas and others; exercising financial control of the payment of tuitions and scholarships; management of the Academic Control System; and providing information to the entire academic community.

All requests from students regarding academic, administrative and financial issues should be made through a requirement form to be filled out and submitted at the Academic Records’ Office, who will refer it to the relevant sectors. In order for the requirements to bet met, it is important to observe the dates and deadlines established in the academic calendar of the course.

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9a.m. to 7p.m.

Academic Records’ Office

Tel: +55 (21) 3799-5758
Office: 314



School fees

Tuition fees are charged per month. The table below shows the academic fees for the current year (2019). 

Rates Values
Undergraduate Tuition R$ 4.500,00
Statement R$ 15,00
Transcript of Records R$ 15,00
Discipline Program

R$ 15,00

(up to 2 discipines)

2nd Copy of Diploma R$ 350,00
2nd Copy of Key R$ 20,00
2nd Copy of Badge/ Student Card R$ 30,00
Spare Discipline (semiannual value) R$ 2.640,00

The non-payment of installments of the fees on the due dates will result an increase of 2% (two percent), as a non-compensatory penalty clause and monthly interest of 1% ( one percent) calculated on the amount due.
The monthly fee is adjusted annually by the FGV IGP-M unless there is a change in that legislation allowing review or adjustment in shorter period. In the event of termination of the IGP -M, IGP -DI will be used and, failing that, the IPC- FGV.
The School offers scholarships in Vestibular (Brazilian Admission Process) tab of this site.