Lecture Series

The Brazilian School of Economics – FGV/EPGE holds regular meetings on Contemporary Issues that grant our students the chance to debate major social themes inside the academic sphere. Proposed by our undergraduates, the lecture series aims to expose students to debates and talks dealing with pressing social topics, so as to provide ideas, concepts and arguments that will enable them to build a solid grounding for their point of views on such topics and other themes that may arise during the discussions.

Although aimed primarily at undergraduate students from EPGE and other schools of Fundação Getúlio Vargas, the debates are open to the public and have included experts of prominence, such as EPGE Vice-Dean, Professor Aloisio Araujo, and the Indian economist Partha Dasgupta, one of the greatest specialists on International Economics. Professor Tiago Berriel, IBRE’s researcher Regis Bonelli, and Brazilian Air Force Colonel Marcelo Sade are among other remarkable speakers who have attended the lecture series.

Our school believes to be extremely positive the contact of our students with topics that are not always directly addressed in the curriculum and promotes regular assessments together with our students that contribute to the ongoing improvement of the debated issues and of the lectures’ model.

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