Collegiate Body

Faculty Structuring Association – FSA

The FSA is composed by professors from the Brazilian School of Economics and Finance undergraduate course. The faculty, hired on a full-time basis contract, has solid academic education, acquired in the best higher education institutions and is directly responsible for the conception, implementation and consolidation of the course pedagogical project (CONAES Resolution Nº 1, 06/17/2010).


Ricardo Cavalcanti
Luis Braido
Carlos Eugênio
Felipe Iachan
Andre Villela
Leandro Gorno
Marcelo Sant´Anna
Bruno Barsanetti
Lucas Maestri



The Collegiate from the Graduation Course in Economic Sciences is composed by the course´s faculty, students and technical-administrative body representatives, elected by the academic community. It works as a complementary association in the decision making process regarding the course, and tries to establish the goals and strategies with the active participation in the academic administration of the course. The Collegiate supports the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the course pedagogical project.

Student and technical-administrative body members:

Member: Rafael Milliati Gral - Student Representative
Alternate member: Fernando Linde Puppin de Oliveira - Student Representative
Alternate member: Eduardo Gottschalk Poppe - Student Representative