Message from the Dean

Professor Rubens Penha Cysne - FGV/EPGE Dean

The purpose of the EPGE Escola Brasileira de Economia e Finanças (FGV EPGE) is to contribute to teaching and to the expansion of knowledge in the field of economics. Always supported by research activities carried out by its faculty and its students, the pursuit of excellence applies to undergraduate and to graduate degrees. Achieving academic and scientific excellence is the main commitment of EPGE.

Since its foundation, in 1961, EPGE has trained some of the top Brazilian economists. Through its faculty and students, it has also provided effective contributions to national development in Brazil. Such contributions have been achieved not only through the provision of equity and quality standards in education, but also through the practical application of research results in the public and private spheres.

EPGE alumni include professors and researchers in some of the best economics departments and institutions worldwide; Finance Secretaries of State; Governors, Presidents of Brazil’s Central Bank; as well as Chief Executive Officers (CEO) from prestigious private companies, in Brazil or abroad.

The publications of EPGE faculty in the top international scientific journals have been growing steadily, especially after the mid-90. The faculty staff is committed to full-time teaching and research, and is invited to provide lectures and present the results of its researches in the best departments of economics and business worldwide.

Periodically, EPGE hosts the most distinguished professors and researchers from the field. Since 2010, more than 330 professors from the best economics departments worldwide visited our school, including seven Economics Nobel Laureates: Robert Engle, Christopher Sims, James Heckman, Edward Prescott, Robert Lucas Jr, Eric Maskin and John Nash. Faculty exchange plays a positive role in research, as well as in the placement of students who wish to continue their studies abroad at the best and most prominent economics departments.

The School offers Doctorate, Master, Professional Master and Bachelor degrees in economics. It also publishes the Brazilian Review of Economics, the oldest academic journal of economics in Brazil.

The use of rankings is common in Departments’ evaluations. Such procedure can be useful to the extent that they allow a full and beneficial signaling for society. This is the case mainly when results point usually in the same direction, coming from different origins and distinct points in time. In both cases, there is a factual provision of robustness, attributing adequacy to their use by potential students.

EPGE fulfills this criterion of robustness in excellence.

The International Ranking of the University of Tilburg ranks EPGE as the first department of economics in Latin America.

Regarding the ratings of the Brazilian National Secretary of Education (MEC), EPGE ranked first in the last Índice Geral de Cursos - IGC* (index used to evaluate the performance of higher-education institutions in Brazil). As a result, the School now ranks first in this evaluation (IGC) for the seventh time in all of the eleven evaluations performed by MEC so far. Such IGC evaluations includes 2066 Higher-Education Institutions in Brazil, of all types and in all areas of knowledge.

EPGE also ranked first in the last ENADE exam, a test specifically designed to graduating students in Economics. In the four Economics ENADE national evaluations historically carried out by MEC so far, EPGE ranked first twice.

Regarding undergraduate courses, EPGE students ranked first in the last (2019) ANPEC’s (National Association of Graduate Courses in Economics) master – PhD entering exam. The exam includes 1.264 students from all over Brazil.

With respect to graduate evaluations (CAPES – MEC), EPGE has the highest possible grade in the evaluations of all its programs.

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I hope this short text provides the reader a useful view of EPGE.


Rubens Penha Cysne
Professor and Dean

Rio de Janeiro, January 12, 2018.