Opinion Survey of the New School PDI 2017-2021

What is the Institutional Development Plan?

The Institutional Development Plan (PDI) of the Brazilian School of Economics and Finance is the document that identifies the Institution with regard to its social role, its work philosophy, the pedagogical guidelines that guide its actions, its organizational structure and the academic activities it develops.

What is it for?

The PDI guides the Institution's planning in the period of its coverage, identifying the actions and activities to be developed both at the academic and administrative levels.

What does it consist of and what is its coverage period?

The PDI is the guiding instrument in the decision-making process, as well as guiding the path to be taken by the Institution in order to achieve its institutional mission and vision, in accordance with its previously established guiding principles and values.

The current PDI covers the period 2017-2021

The new PDI is built through the participation of all segments of the Institution: employees, teachers, students and society in general.

What is the methodology?

The methodology comprises:

  • Awareness campaign with the institution's internal community;
  • Disclosure through folders, banners, the Institution's website, among others;
  • Opinion survey with the objective of listening to all sectors of the institution.