Survey About the School’s 2017-2021 Institutional Development Plan

What is the Institutional Development Plan?

FGV EPGE’s Institutional Development Plan is a document that sets out the institution’s social role, work philosophy, educational guidelines, organizational structure and academic activities.

What is it for?

The Institutional Development Plan guides the school’s planning work in the period covered by it, identifying actions and activities to be conducted at academic and administrative levels.

What does it consist of and what period does it cover?

The Institutional Development Plan is the guiding instrument for EPGE’s decision-making process, as well as guiding how it will pursue its institutional mission and vision, in accordance with its previously established guiding principles and values.

The plan currently in force covers the period from 2017 to 2021.

The new plan was developed in partnership with all stakeholders: employees, professors, students and society in general.

What was the methodology for producing the plan?

The methodology consisted of:

  • An awareness-raising campaign with internal stakeholders;
  • The distribution of brochures, as well as banners and information on the school’s website, among other information;
  • A survey to find out the opinions of all stakeholder groups.