Internal Evaluation Commission

FGV EPGE, in accordance with Federal Law 10,861 of 2004, in order to establish conditions for promoting the quality of higher education, and with the approval of the Teaching and Research Council of the school’s economics program, set up an Internal Institutional Evaluation Commission. This body, an integral part of the National Higher Education Assessment System, aims to produce knowledge, oversee the activities carried out by the school, identify the causes of its main problems and deficiencies, increase the educational awareness and professional capacity of its faculty and technical/administrative staff, and make its links with the community more effective. Self-assessment of the school’s weaknesses and strengths is a valuable decision-making tool. The commission is committed to providing information, analysis and proposals for improving EPGE’s quality of teaching and social commitment.

The Internal Evaluation Commission is composed of external civil society representatives, faculty members, representatives of students and technical/administrative professionals, all chosen in line with prevailing legislation.

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Composition of Internal Evaluation Commission
Principal: José Gustavo Féres Faculty Representative
Alternative: Cecília Machado Faculty Representative
Principal: Ricardo Cavalcanti Faculty Representative
Alternative: Humberto Moreira Faculty Representative
Principal: Aline Gomes Neves Technical/Administrative Representative
Principal: Andressa Rasmusen Amaya Technical/Administrative Representative
Alternative: Pedro Lucas Almeida Nascimento Technical/Administrative Representative
Principal: Ana Paula Nothen Ruhe Student Representative
Alternative: Daniel Halloran Giuseppe Cuzzi Student Representative
Principal: Emanuelle Peixoto Nunes Student Representative
Alternative: Perla Rocha do Nascimento Student Representative
Marcel Grillo Balassiano Civil Society Representative
Pedro Hemsley Civil Society Representative

Internal Evaluation Commission’s Regulations: