Computing Core

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The major purpose of EPGE’s Computing Center is to support academic activities in research and learning by providing computers to EPGE users and helping these to take advantage of such resources.

In order to fulfill this goal, the Computing Center team goes far beyond ordinary definitions of computer support. With the growing importance of IT in teaching and research, the Center aims to deal with all activities of the School.

The Center covers a broad range of services: helpdesk, purchase and maintenance of equipment and software, system development and implementation, management of EPGE servers, training sessions, among others. The Center, however, puts its best efforts in supporting research projects and managing information systems.

The collaboration of the Center in researches developed by faculty and students has proved increasingly necessary and beneficial. In any research project there are tasks to be accomplished, such as optimization of calculation routines, data structuring, and selection of the appropriate tool to address a particular problem. The Computing Center has increasingly intensified the monitoring of academic activities, mainly those related to the preparation of dissertations and theses.

The core objective is to leverage the academic potential of EPGE through a proactive approach. The Center staff see itself as major miners of computing resources, while academicians are users that not always have time or skills to find the best tool to solve their specific problem.

Contact Details

EPGE’s Computing Core
Phone: +55 (21) 3799-5865
Office: 1011