Academic Cooperation

In partnership with Caen and the Centro de Políticas Sociais (Center for Social Policies), EPGE has an academic cooperation agreement that is a paramount tool in strengthening teaching and research fields of both higher education centers in order to promote a qualitative leap in such institutions. Knowledge, experiences, and technology are socialized and transmitted through collaboration programs and projects that enrich university action and provide an important distinguishing feature in the professional qualification of academicians, teachers, and university staff.

The Center for Social Policies (CPS) purposes to analyze the Brazilian socio-economic reality, making outcomes comprehensively available for the general public and its contractors. Through quantitative and qualitative methods, CPS has established a generalist tradition by addressing several topics, from marriage and religion to the Brazilian income distribution. Its major goal is to contribute to an equal development in Brazil by narrowing the gap between applied research, debate in society, and the implementation of public policies.