Student Academic Publication at FGV EPGE

The impact of intellectual production from FGV EPGE's students has continuously risen over the years. It contributes to  the national and international levels of academic discussion. This production which is encouraged since the graduate program, is expressed in monographs, scientific research papers, dissertations, theses and articles published individually or in partnership with their teachers and colleagues.

In a recent historical analysis from 2012 to 2015, there is a total of 34 articles of our Academic Master's and PhD students published in national and international journals. These figures do not include articles accepted for publication but not yet published. Besides that, many doctoral students have working papers of their research in development.

Among the articles published by students in recent years, many of them are co-authored with school teachers or colleagues, there is a few following examples below:

Diego Braz Pereira Gomes:

GOMES, Diego Braz Pereira. On the existence of stable population in life cycle models. Economics Letters. vol. 138, pp. 104-107, 2016.

Felipe Leon Peres Camargo Shalders:

BRAIDO, Luís Henrique Bertolino; SHALDERS, Felipe Leon Peres Camargo. Monopoly rents in contestable markets. Economics Letters. vol. 130, pp. 89-92, 2015.

Rodrigo Jardim Raad:

RAAD, Rodrigo Jardim. Recursive Equilibrium with Price Perfect Foresight and a Minimal State Space. Economic Theory. vol. 61, pp. 1-54, 2015.

Gustavo Silva Araujo:

VICENTE, José Valentim Machado; ARAUJO, Gustavo Silva; BARBEDO, Claudio Henrique. The Adverse Selection Cost Component of the Spread of Brazilian Stocks. Emerging Markets Review. vol. 21, pp. 21-41, 2014.

Jefferson Donizeti Pereira Bertolai:

MONTEIRO, Paulo Klinger; CAVALCANTI, Ricardo de Oliveira; BERTOLAI, Jefferson Donizeti Pereira. Run theorems for low returns and large banks. Economic Theory. vol. 57, pp. 223-252, 2014.

Lucas Pimentel Vilela:

MOREIRA, Marcelo J.; VILELA, Lucas Pimentel; MILLS, Benjamin. Tests based on t-statistics for IV regression with weak instruments. Journal of Econometrics. vol. 182, pp. 351-363, 2014.

Thiago Neves Pereira:

COSTA, Carlos Eugênio E. L. da; PEREIRA, Thiago Neves. On the efficiency of equal sacrifice income tax schedules. European Economic Review. vol. 70, pp. 399-418, 2014.

Marcelo Rodrigues Ferreira:

FERREIRA, Pedro Cavalcanti Gomes; SANTOS, Marcelo Rodrigues dos. The effect of social security, health, demography and technology on retirement. Review of Economic Dynamics. vol. 16, pp. 350-370, 2013.

Alexandre Balduino Sollaci:

CAJUEIRO, Daniel Oliveira; SOLLACI, Alexandre Balduino; TABAK, B; GOMES, G.M. Forecasting the yield curve for the Euro region. Economics Letters. vol. 117, pp. 513-516, 2012.

David Daniel Turchick Rubin:

CYSNE, Rubens Penha; RUBIN, David Daniel Turchick. Intellectual property rights protection and endogenous economic growth revisited. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control. vol. 36, pp. 851-861, 2012.

CYSNE, Rubens Penha; RUBIN, David Daniel Turchick. An Ordering of Measures of the Welfare Cost of Inflation in Economies with Interest-Bearing Deposits. Macroeconomic Dynamics. vol. 16, pp. 732-751, 2012.

Rafael de Vasconcelos Xavier Ferreira:

ARAUJO, Aloisio Pessoa de; FERREIRA, Rafael de Vasconcelos Xavier; FUNCHAL, Bruno. The Brazilian bankruptcy law experience. Journal of Corporate Finance. vol. 18, pp. 994-1004, 2012.

Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos:

FERREIRA, Pedro Cavalcanti Gomes; PESSÔA, Samuel de Abreu; SANTOS, Marcelo Rodrigues dos. The Impact of Aids on Income and Human Capital. Economic Inquiry. vol. 49, pp. 1104-1116, 2011.

Full list of students academic publication since 2010