Series of Lectures "Contemporary Issues" debate relevant issues in their first meetings

On Tuesday, 18 February, FGV/EPGE – Escola Brasileira de Economia e Finanças held a debate on "decriminalization of consumption, trade and production of illicit drugs", under the coordination of professor Luis Henrique Braido.

Professor Braido began the lecture with the presentation of some relevant issues about the theme, commenting on the liberal, conservative and medical perspectives. He spoke about the theory of choice, that "praises every individual’s freedom to make their choices and take responsibility for the risks inherent to them". Problems of externality associated with the consumption of drugs, such as the deterioration of public space, parental neglect and violent crimes, were also discussed, as well as the social costs arising from the prohibition, such as the armed conflicts due to income from trafficking. These issues provided material for students’ debate on the subject, with intermediation of teachers Braido and Afonso Arinos Neto.

On 25 February, the theme was "Economic aspects of organ donation/transplantation". The students prepared some questions that guided the debate mediated by professor Afonso Arinos Neto. One of the most controversial issues was the creation of a market for commercialization of organs. In the students’ opinion, this market would have to be very well regulated, as it would tend to favor people with higher income. On the other hand, there could be an increase in the supply of organs. A disadvantage would be the greater incentive to illegal commercialization of organs.

The objective of the “Contemporary Issues” series of lectures is to discuss relevant current issues from different perspectives and areas of knowledge.

The lectures take place at 2 PM, in the auditorium on the 12th floor of FGV headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

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