Professor João Paulo dos Reis Velloso – In Memoriam

The EPGE Brazilian School of Economics and Finance (FGV EPGE) registers with great sorrow the death of its former Master student (class of 1962) and unforgettable Professor, João Paulo dos Reis Velloso, on February 19 last, in Rio de Janeiro. Professor Velloso has integrated, with brief interruptions required by his duty in the public sector, the EPGE’s faculty since the beginning of the 70's

In addition to being a permanent thinker of national issues as an intellectual, academic and author of important studies, João Paulo dos Reis Velloso had a distinguished and important executive role in the Brazilian public sector. In the Humberto Castelo Branco government, he organized the Office of Applied Economic and Social Research (EPEA), the current Institute of Economic and Social Planning (IPEA). He later served as Minister of Planning during the governments of Emílio Garrastazu Médici and Ernesto Geisel, from 1969 to 1979.

João Paulo dos Reis Velloso was also a BNDES Board of Directors member between 1991 and 1997. In 1992 he created and coordinated the National Forum, promoted by the National Institute of Higher Studies (INAE), a center of debate gathering economists, social scientists, politicians and national leaderships, with the objective of discussing issues related to the economic and social development of Brazil.

"I would like to report a brief episode that reflects an indelible mark of Professor Velloso: the simplicity and modesty with which he exercised his endless love for Brazil, for its people and for its culture. In 2013, I proposed to the Professor the organization of a seminar in his honor, he accepted the proposal, but he was irreducible on one condition: the seminar should focus on Brazil and the debate on solutions for its development and not, as initially proposed, on his professional trajectory. In this context, it was held the magna lecture about our country, called “Brazil de Amanhã “, whose texts and videos can be obtained from the EPGE events page ( Affected by his love for Brazil and his ceaseless dream of making it a place of social peace and economic development, many of his students will continue his permanent and greater mission of thinking about alternatives and solutions for our country. It’s a great loss." points out the Director of EPGE, Professor Rubens Penha Cysne.