Professor and Student of EPGE won first place in the PhD category in the 12th Anbima Capital Market Award

The professor of EPGE Caio Almeida and his student Fernando Ferreira da Luz Barbosa received the first place in the 2016 Edition of the ANBIMA Capital Market Prize with the article "Information Frictions, Networks and Expectation Formation".

The ANBIMA Capital Market Award - Masters and Doctoral categories, in its 12th edition, is an important project of the Association, which aims, above all, to stimulate the production and dissemination of technical information, studies, research and models on the Brazilian market capital.

The annual prize was created in 2005 by the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities - Anbima in partnership with the Institute of Economic Policy Studies/Casa das Garças - IEPE/CdG, which is responsible for evaluating the articles.