New edition of the Brazilian Journal of Economics is on the air

EPGE Brazilian School of Economics and Finance (FGV EPGE) – released Number 3 of Volume 76 of the Brazilian Journal of Economics (RBE), referring to the months of July to September 2022

In this issue, the following articles are published:

Indo além das boas intenções: Uma avaliação dos efeitos de medidas restritivas mais duras na propagação da Covid-19
Cristiano Aguiar de Oliveira

Global Shocks and Emerging Economies: Disentangling the Commodity Roller Coaster
Mauro Sayar Ferreira, André Cordeiro Valério

Remote Work in Brazil
Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho, Fernando Veloso, Paulo Henrique Peruchetti

A Note on the Brazilian cross-state debt connectedness
Paulo Rogério Faustino Matos, Raimundo Pinheiro Jr, Antonio Costa

Duration of youth unemployment in Brazil
Vívian dos Santos Queiroz Orellana, Natália Terroso Pereira, Jorge Alberto Orellana Aragón

Risk of contagion from economic activities, worker profile and the COVID-19 pandemic: differences by sex, color and age
Raquel Aline Schneider, Luana Passos, Wallace Marcelino Pereira

About RBE

The Revista Brasileira de Economia (RBE) is the oldest economy publication in Brazil and the second oldest in Latin America. Within the universe of academic publications in Economics, RBE is considered a generalist journal, with articles on various areas of Economic Sciences.

Founded by Arizio de Viana, its first editor, and by Eugênio Gudin – one of the most influential economists in Brazilian history – the magazine welcomes any topic and methodology in its pages, as long as they are at the frontier of its field of knowledge and are guided by rigor that come from the first number.

Currently, Ricardo Cavalcanti, coordinator of the Professional Masters in Finance and Business Economics and professor at EPGE, is the editor-in-chief of RBE.