New edition of Brazilian Journal of Economics is on the air

The EPGE Brazilian School of Economics and Finance (FGV EPGE) – released Number 3 of Volume 75 of the Brazilian Journal of Economics (RBE), for the months of July to September 2021.

In this edition, the following articles are published:

A note on the impact of anti-corruption operations on the market value of companies in Brazil
Renan Fragoas da Silva, Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro

Serving three masters: optimal monetary and regulatory policies when central bankers have career concerns
Marcelo de C. Griebeler, Alexandre F. Damo

A note on the impact of Uber on Brazilian taxi drivers' earnings
Cristiano Aguiar de Oliveira, Gabriel Costeira Machado

Intermediate Services and Aggregate Productivity in Brazil
Bruno Delalibera, Pedro Cavalcanti Gomes Ferreira, Fernando Augusto Adeodato Veloso

Surveillance with and without mobile radars in light of Game Theory
Jefferson Donizeti Pereira Bertolai, Igor Costa, Luciano Nakabashi

Do independent tax councils help improve tax performance?
Gabriel Nemer Cavalcanti da Silva Tenoury, Laura Carolina Vehanen, Guilherme Fowler de Ávila Monteiro

About RBE

The Revista Brasileira de Economia (RBE) is the oldest economy publication in Brazil and the second oldest in Latin America. Within the universe of academic publications in Economics, RBE is considered a generalist journal, with articles on various areas of Economic Sciences.

Founded by Arizio de Viana, its first editor, and by Eugênio Gudin – one of the most influential economists in Brazilian history – the magazine welcomes any topic and methodology in its pages, as long as they are at the frontier of its field of knowledge and are guided by rigor that come from the first number.

Currently, Ricardo Cavalcanti, coordinator of the Professional Masters in Finance and Business Economics and professor at EPGE, is the editor-in-chief of RBE.