FGV Schools receive top marks in 2017 Brazilian Student Guide - FGV News - 01/09/2017

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FGV EPGE – Brazilian School of Economics and Finance, has been once again evaluated by “Guia do Estudante” with full marks, five stars. Besides EPGE, other five schools from Getulio Vargas Foundation have also received the same evaluation, São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP); Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE); São Paulo Law School (Direito SP); Rio de Janeiro Law School (Direito Rio) and School of Social Sciences (CPDOC).

Published since 1984, “Guia do Estudante”´s goal is to provide orientation to those who are interested in starting an undergraduation course, by presenting up-to-date information on institutions, job market and career. The collection of information is made through an opinion´s survey with over 8 thousand specialists – course coordinators, department directors and professors – who evaluate the courses, ascribing grades ranging from poor to excellent (one to five stars) or they can also choose the “I would rather not say” option.

This year, the specialists evaluated the course through three aspects – pedagogical project, faculty and infrastructure – assigning one grade to each aspect. The final grade from each specialist for each course was the average of the three grades.

Considered as one of the major sources of orientation for school graduates in Brazil, a publication with the full list of the evaluated courses will be on the newsstands from October 16, 2017.