FGV schools receive maximum notice of the 2018 Student Guide - FGV News - 12/5/2018

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The FGV is five stars in the Student Guide. The undergraduate courses of Getulio Vargas Foundation received the highest mark in the magazine's annual evaluation, published by Editora Abril. The survey recognized the excellence of the Administration courses (FGV EBAPE), Business Administration and Public Administration (FGV EAESP), Economic Sciences (FGV EPGE and FGV EESP), Social Sciences (FGV CPDOC), Law SP) and Applied Mathematics (FGV EMAp). The expressive result corroborates the continuous efforts of the FGV schools to train students capable of contributing to the socioeconomic development of Brazil, combining solidity, experience and innovation with an excellent faculty.

The purpose of the "Best Universities" ranking of the Student Guide is to guide students interested in starting a degree course, bringing up-to-date information on institutions, job market and career. The survey is conducted annually through an opinion survey of more than 11,000 specialists - course coordinators, department directors and teachers - who give grades to the courses, assigning concepts ranging from poor to excellent (one to five).

Each of the courses is evaluated by specialists in three aspects - pedagogical project, faculty and infrastructure - assigning a concept to each of them. The final grade is the average of the three added to the assessments of the previous two years, with different weights attributed to each year.

The Student Guide is considered to be one of the main sources of guidance for college students in Brazil. The publication with the complete list of the evaluated courses is already available on the newsstands.

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