FGV EPGE studies Culture and Economics with Professor from Paris School of Economics

FGV EPGE – Escola Brasileira de Economia e Finanças hosted, on August 27th, the lecture “Culture, Institutions and Economic Development: What do Economists have to Say on This?”, given by Professor Thierry Verdier, from the Paris School of Economics. The lecturer presented themes related to culture from Economists’ perspective.
Professor Verdier sustains that the importance of culture for the economic development is represented by the accumulation of knowledge, by social groups influence and by the environment where the individual lives.
According to the Professor, “The cultural transmission undoubtedly plays an important role in determining many fundamental characteristics of social standards and ideological principles. It is the widespread evidence of resilience of ethnic and religious traits along generations that motivates a large part of the theoretical and empirical literature on the cultural transmission”.
During the lecture, the main contributions of the latest models of cultural transmission were also presented.
The lecture was held at FGV headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro.
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