FGV EPGE ranked 1st in the ANPEC Exam for the 2nd consecutive year - FGV News - 11/26/2018

Gabriel Dias

For the second consecutive year, the EPGE Brazilian School of Economics and Finance (FGV EPGE) ranked first in the Examination of the National Association of Postgraduate Courses in Economics (ANPEC). The student Pedro Feijó de Moraes obtained the highest score in the classification, considered one of the most difficult and popular of the country and that serves as reference for selection of the main Master's and PhD programs in Economics.

"The FGV EPGE professors are a reference and are aware of what is happening in academia and in the world. The undergraduate course has a very strong academic bias, without leaving aside the practical part, and meets all the requirements of the ANPEC test. The FGV has been a place of reference for me, a very positive environment and a constant exchange not only with teachers, but with colleagues of course and with the nucleus of academic support ", emphasizes Pedro, who concludes the graduation at the end of this year.

He says that the routine of preparation for the ANPEC test intensified from February, when he left the internship to dedicate himself to the studies for the exam. He studied all the content required until September, and in the final month he reviewed all the tests applied by ANPEC in the last 10 years, timing the time and checking the score.

In addition to Pedro, three other FGV EPGE students are in the top 10 of the ANPEC 2018 exam. Gustavo Ferrer Brandão was in second place with Otávio Moura Rubião in fourth and Pedro Levy Schott Pacheco in eighth place. The result of that year repeats the good performance of 2017. At the time, three students of the School were among the top 10, with the FGV EPGE Masters student, Gabriel Dias, in first place.

Founded in 1973, ANPEC brings together Brazilian institutions that carry out research and training activities at the postgraduate level in the area of Economics. Annually, the association conducts the National Examination of Selection of candidates for the master's degree in economics offered by its member or associated centers. The performance in the ANPEC Exam is also used in the selective process of some doctoral courses.

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