FGV EPGE professor receives Unicredit Women's International Network Best Paper Award

Professor Cezar Santos, of the Brazilian School of Economics (FGV EPGE) received the UniCredit Women's International Network Best Paper Award for the article "Why Not Settle Down Already? A Quantitative Analysis of the Delay in Marriage"- written with the researcher David Weiss.

The work deals with the impact of the increasing volatility of the labor market on marital relations. The authors argue that, since marriage creates new consumption obligations, the volatility of the labor market may delay marriage; thus, labor relations may be a key variable to explain the continued decline and postponement of marriage in American society since the 1970s.

Family Economy

In recent years, the works of Professor Santos have become famous in the area, providing major advances in understanding how inter-family relationships interact with economic variables.

In January 2014, the work "Marry Your Like: Assortative Mating and Income Inequality", conducted in partnership with Jeremy Greenwood (University of Pennsylvania), Nezih Guner (Markets, Organizations and Votes in Economics - MOVE) and Georgi Kocharkov (University of Konstanz), was featured in the American media when it showed that income inequality in the United States has been accentuated due to a tendency among spouses of seeking partners with similar educational and financial situation, reducing the possibility of marriages between individuals from very different socioeconomic experiences.

The work was published in May in the American Economic Review - one of the oldest and most respected North American journals in Economics.