FGV EPGE “Contemporary Issues” presents Human Rights

FGV EPGE – Escola Brasileira de Esconomia e Finanças presented, on 1 October, a lecture on Human Rights, given by the Coordinator of Institutional Relations of the School of Law Direito Rio, Professor  Paula Bartolini Spieler.
Prof. Spieler started her lecture by explaining what Human Rights refer to and affirmed that, even though there are no theories to explain the reasons why Human Rights are perceived negatively in Brazil (unlike the rest of the world), she believes that the Human Rights movement start in Brazil as a struggle against torture and forced disappearance practiced during military dictatorship. “The Human Rights movement was regarded, therefore, as a leftist movement in favor of political prisoners. As time went by, Human Rights continued to be associated with prisoners defense, but now of common prisoners.”, explains Prof. Spieler.
However, also according to prof. Spieler, media has contributed to a better understanding of the theme, which involves a set of rights to guarantee worthy life to a person, for the mere fact of being a person, as well as a number of actors.
Spieler also assessed four well-known Brazilian cases of violation to Human Rights which have been presented to the Inter-American Human Rights System. They are Maria da Penha Fernandes’ case, in 2001 – whose personal history became inspiration for Law No. 11.340 of 7 August 2006, which is known as the "Maria da Penha" law, which categorizes domestic and family violence against women as a type of human rights violation – , Ximenes Lopes, in 2006; Gomes Lund and others, in 2010, and  Precautionary Measures in Favor of the Indigenous Community of Xingu River, in 2011.
The event took place in the auditorium of the 12nd floor of FGV headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.
Next “Contemporary Issues” meeting will take place on 22 October, when Professor Clovis de Faro will give a lecture on Financial Mathematics and the Judiciary.
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