EPGE signs an agreement with Tilburg School of Economics and Management, the largest school of Tilburg University

The Getulio Vargas Foundation Graduate School of Economics (FGV EPGE), through its Department of International Relations, has signed a reciprocal agreement with Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), the Economics school of Tilburg University (TiU), Netherlands. With this agreement, undergraduate and graduate students from EPGE may attend one or two semesters of exchange at the prestigious European institution, without having to pay tuition fees.

Founded in 1927, Tilburg University ranks as one of the best European institutions in education and research, with a great tradition in the field of economics, the field of interest of Tilburg University’s first school, TiSEM , also founded in 1927. With a student body of 5,500 students, the school is the oldest and largest of Tilburg University, and offers classes in English at both the undergraduate and graduate level. It is not necessary to know Dutch  in order for applicants to apply for the exchange program, which annually brings together an average of 400 students per year from different parts of the globe.

The city of Tilburg also hosts other universities, and has a very active student life. TiU has more than 40 student organizations, excellent sporting and academic facilities, and activities that seek the involvement of international and national students in order to foster greater integration and cultural exchange.