EPGE ranked first in the MEC CPC among 9891 courses

The EPGE Degree was ranked first by the MEC, through the Preliminary Course Concept (CPC), among 9891 other higher-level courses.


The Preliminary Course Concept (CPC) represents a comprehensive quality indicator, unifying several aspects related to Brazilian undergraduate courses into a single measure. Composed of eight components, organized into four distinct dimensions, the CPC aims to evaluate the general quality of undergraduate courses.

Namely, the four dimensions are:

  1. Student Performance: measured based on the grades of students completing the National Student Performance Exam (Enade);
  2. Value added by the training process offered by the course: measured based on the values of the Difference Between Observed and Expected Performance Indicator (IDD);
  3. Teaching Staff: based on information obtained from the Higher Education Census, referring to the year in which the Exam was applied, on the titles and work regime of teachers linked to the courses evaluated; and
  4. Student Perception on the Conditions of the Training Process: obtained through the collection of information regarding the didactic-pedagogical organization, infrastructure and physical facilities and opportunities to expand academic and professional training, based on the answers obtained from the Student Questionnaire.

The result set out above was made available by the MEC recently, on April 12, 2024, and includes, in addition to the area of economics, all other areas evaluated by the last Enade exam.

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