EPGE performs Magna Lecture for undergraduating students with Professor Aloisio Araujo

The Magna Lecture for undegraduating students in Economics entitled "The Fascinating World of Economic Sciences: Childhood Education, Auctions, Credit, and Economic Growth ', happened   on February 22, in the auditorium of FGV. The lecture was performed by Prof. Aloisio Araújo, Deputy Director of EPGE, internationally renowned Brazilian economist and member of several scientific associations – for example, the National Academy of Sciences in Brazil and United States.

In his talk, Professor Aloisio emphasized  what he considers the two major 'trauma' suffered by Brazil in recent decades -  these traumas, he said, caused by the little attention to the results obtained from high level research in Economics performed abroad and historically slighted in the country.  They are the lack of care with  basic education - which helps to explain some  phenomena such as low economic growth and high income inequality in Brazil - and fiscal indiscipline, the ultimate source behind the traumatic inflationary history of Brazil in the post-War.
During his presentation, the speaker highlighted how the combination of rigorous use of economic theory, statistical analysis and knowledge of History makes  economists able to deal with  several contemporary issues and, crucially, to suggest policy measures to solve them. Two issues, particularly, were emphasized – issues in which Prof. Aloisio has been working in recent years, obtaining important contributions - children's learning and the change in the law that  regulates  bankruptcy and defaul in Brazil.
The lecture  marked  the beginning of school year, being a stimulating presentation for new young students in our  undergraduating course in Economics.
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