International Awards and Distinctions

The recognition to the contribution of the School and of our teaching staff and students in international scenario confirm the efforts to increase partnerships and worldviews, as well as to dialogue with other peers, collaborating in questions of high complexity.

As a result and recognition of the representativeness of FGV/EPGE in international scope, the School was granted the first position in Tilburg University ranking, in Netherlands, as the best Economics Department in Latin America.

Other examples of international academic distinction are the titles and awards granted to the School and to its faculty members, which also include distinguished positions in international societies and committees.

Name Institution Awards and Titles Year
Aloisio Araujo SAET Comitê Executivo 2015
Institute of Mathematics Statistics Membro Eleito 2014
SAET Presidente 2013
American Economic Association Membro Honorário Estrangeiro 2012
SAET Vice-presidente 2011
The National Academy of Sciences USA Foreign Associate 2006
American Academy of Arts & Science Membro Honorário Estrangeiro 2003
TWAS - Third World Academy of Sciences Fellow 2003
International Economic Association Membro do Executive Committee 1989
Guggenheim Foundation Fellow 1988
Econometric Society Fellow/Membro do Conselho 1987
André Trindade Portuguese Ministry of Economics - GEE Award for Best Paper in "Market Competition" 2018
Northwestern University Dissertation Year Fellowship 2010
Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia - Portugal Bolsa Doutorado 2006
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian - Portugal Bolsa Doutorado 2005
Northwestern University Graduate Fellowship 2005
Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal Prêmio Francisco José Barosa 2002
Caio Almeida Stanford University Bolsa do National Science Foundation 2003
Cecilia Machado Berriel Columbia University Dissertation Fellowship (2009-2010) 2010
Columbia University Distinction in PhD Degree 2010
Columbia University Lewis A. Sanders Fellowship 2008
Columbia University Wueller Teaching Award, Graduate Econometrics 2007
Columbia University Program of Economic Research Summer Grant 2007
Columbia University Bolsa Doutorado 2005
Cezar Santos Unicredit Foundation UWIN Best Paper Award on Gender Economics 2014
University of Mannheim Teaching Prize do Fachschaft VWL 2013
Columbia University Program of Economic Research Summer Grant 2007
Francisco Costa Royal Economic Society Royal Economic Society Junior Fellowship 2012
London School of Economics David T. Beers Fellowship 2008
Humberto Moreira SAET Membro Honorário em Teoria Econômica pela Sociedade para o Avanço da Teoria Econômica 2024
João Victor Issler Latin American Standing Committee da Econometric Society Secretary 2016
DoE, University of California Outstanding Teaching Award 1991
University of Illinois The Hans Brehms Award 1988
Econometric Society Member  
Joisa Campanher Dutra Saraiva Australian Governament Australian Leadership Award Fellowship 2013
Leandro Gorno Princeton University Fellowship 2007
Universidad de Buenos Aires PROPAI Research Fellowship, School of Economics 2001
Princeton University Stephen Goldfeld Memorial Graduate Fellowship 2010
Universidad de San Andrés Scholarship for Graduate Studies 2004
Marcelo J. Moreira International Association for Applied Econometrics Fellow 2020
University College London (UCL) Fellow 2015
LAMES - Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society Mario Henrique Simonsen Lecture 2014
Econometric Society Fellow 2012
National Science Foundation National Science Foundation Grant 2008
DoE, Harvard University Andrew E. Furer Fellow 2007
Alfred P. Sloan Resarch Fellow Alfred P. Sloan Resarch Fellow 2006
National Science Foundation National Science Foundation Grant 2004
RESTUD Seminar Invitation 2002
University of California, Berkeley Doctoral Research Fellowship 2001
University of California, Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award 2001
University of California, Berkeley Summer Merit Fellowship 2001
University of California, Berkeley Departamental Continuing Student Fellowship 2000
CAPES PhD Fellowship 1999
Paulo Klinger Monteiro SAET Fellow 2011
Econometric Society Fellow 2009
Guggenheim Foundation Fellow 1996
Ricardo Cavalcanti LAMES - Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society Mario Henrique Simonsen Lecture 2007
Rubens Penha Cysne CEPAL Auxílio para estudo das reformas brasileiras na década de 90 2001
PNUD Auxílio para pesquisa em Economia Monetária 1995