The research activities carried out at EPGE Escola Brasileira de Economia e Finanças (FGV EPGE), have ramifications all over the world, if we consider, among other things, the scope of international cooperation, in which members of our faculty have leadership positions in prestigious Economics societies and committees, in accordance with FGV’s guidelines for internationalization.

The international representativeness of the School is noticed in the participation of students and teaching staff in Congresses and other international academic events, where they have the opportunity to present the results of ongoing research and also interact with researches from different countries and cultures, as well as their participation in exchange programs, in partnerships established with institutions such as Tilburg University, in Netherlands, and by means of publications in international journals.

FGV EPGE counts among its alumni some who entered Masters and Doctorate programs in institutions such as Yale University and Princeton, in the United States, as well those who have distinguished positions in organizations around the world.

International awards granted to the School and to the faculty members confirm the relevance of their contributions to the reflections on Economics in global Scenario.

Each of the main actions regarding the international insertion of the School is presented in the submenus herein.