The Professional Master’s Degree in Finance and Business Economics (MFEE) takes two school years and is organized into quarters; each quarter is divided into eleven weeks of class meetings.

Activities will be carried out throughout 15 weekly hours, being 9 hours for taught lectures and 6 hours for tutoring. The program is taught in 3-hour lessons in two weeknights and on Saturdays. Students must meet all coursework requirements within 30 months at most to be granted the Master’s degree.

MFEE has two major degrees:

  • Finance: Prepares professionals for the financial market and the financial area of companies.
  • Business Economics: Focuses on microeconomic aspects within the theory of the firm and contracts, and macroeconomic aspects with significant impact on companies.

The first year is common to both majors, with eight compulsory disciplines aimed at a uniform qualification in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Finance, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics. Besides compulsory, Mathematics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Statistics are core disciplines in the selection process to level the class. Students are officially admitted only upon passing these disciplines.

The major degree starts in the second school year, with compulsory and elective disciplines from which derives the material for the theses (final papers). The program aims to provide students with sophisticated administration and financial management tools: option pricing (Black & Scholes model) and other financial assets, risk control systems, Microeconomics applied to finance, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, regulations, contracts and auctions (with applications of Game Theory).

Elective disciplines listed in the curriculum will be offered according to the demand and convenience of the program.

The last quarter of the second year is dedicated to write a Master’s degree thesis supervised by a professor from EPGE. The Master’s degree is awarded upon a public thesis defense.


MFEE classes start on mid-June. In the first year all disciplines are compulsory, in which students are automatically enrolled. Students must enroll in elective disciplines - or compulsory disciplines undertaken for the second time - within a week before the beginning of every quarter. Students may withdraw from disciplines until the fourth week of class.