Professional Masters Program in Finance and Business Economics

Professional Masters: what is it?

The Professional Master’s Program is a stricto sensu program which provides capacitation to professionals from diverse fields of knowledge, through the study of techniques, processes and themes which serve to the demand from the labor market.

Its main objective is to contribute to the national productive sector by aggregating a higher level of competitiveness and productivity to private and public organizations. Consequently, the proposals of the Professional Masters Program must present a curricular structure that emphasizes the connection between actualized knowledge, dominance of pertinent methodology and application oriented to the specific professional field. Thus, part of the faculty must be constituted of professionals well recognized in their specific area of knowledge, regarding their qualifications and stellar contribution to fields pertinent to the proposal of the program. The dissertation has to be connected to real problems in the professional field of the student and in consonance to the nature and goal of the course, although it can be addressed in different formats.


Professional Masters Program in Finance and Business Economics

Indicated for professionals from superior level involved in the decision making of companies. The course provides access for the most modern theoretical knowledge and techniques, adequate to organizational decisions.

The intention is to proportionate to its students the capacity to: understand the impacts from the political and economic politics in the organization, to engage in decision making and formulate scenarios for the organizational development. The Professional Masters Program in Finance and Business Economics forms professionals with  high analytical performance, solid theoretical and practical basis to be applied in the solution-searching in the Economics and Finance areas.

The target audience

Professionals from different backgrounds and fields, aiming technical and practical deepening in the main concepts of Economics and Finance. Hence, the professionals can contribute with assertive guidelines and tools to their organizations.

At the end of the professional program the student will be able to:

  • Analyze in a more sophisticated way economic and financial problems;
  • Apply econometric and computational modeling tools to essential questions in the finance areas;
  • Propose and execute practical solutions based on quantitative methods, in the areas of Finance and Economics.

Differently from the MBA, that offers a certificate, the Professional Master Program offers a diploma in the end of the course. The diploma of a Professional Master is recognized by Capes and grants the same rights of an Academic Masters Degree and can be used to ingress in the posterior phase, the Doctorate.

In the evaluation made available by CAPES, EPGE obtained maximum degrees in Doctorate and Masters Programs (7) and in Professional Masters Program (5).

The School is also reported as 1st place at the Índice Geral de Cursos (IGC, calculated by Brazil’s Ministry of Education – MEC), in six out of ten evaluations ever made by MEC. The evaluation included more than 2,100 Higher Education Institutions and considered all areas of knowledge.

Our continued classification in the first place in Latin America among the Economics departments, in accordance to the International Tilburg Ranking, confer additional robustness to these evaluations.

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