Alumni Testimonials



MFEE enabled me to be constantly exposed to academic dedication and rigor and to have access to tools, techniques and professionals - teachers and colleagues - with whom it is possible to deepen high level discussions. I was able to broaden my view of the corporate world, reinterpret my work beyond everyday activities and think in a more organized and strategic way. This was also decisive in defining and developing the theme of the dissertation, sustainability and company value, since whoever does a professional master's degree is precisely trying to contribute so that theory and reality make sense together.

Carol Dick
Former EPGE student and Structural Projects Coordinator at Ecometano

The MFEE contributed a lot to my training, providing me with deep knowledge of economic fundamentals, high power of synthesis and analytical capacity of problems of the firm, the individual, the countries and the institutions. I felt that I could, in fact, satisfactorily complement my base as a chemical engineer with solid economic concepts that I missed in my professional performance. The course is quite intense and it takes a lot of effort to keep your breath up until the end, given your workload and the need to study outside the classroom, but it is a high return cost. Certainly the achievement of this master's degree has already contributed to my performance and career within Petrobras and there is an expectation of providing even more gains both for the company with the application in my activities of this vast learning obtained and for me personally, given the certainty of having invested time and dedication in an appropriate and fruitful way.

Elisa Castilhos Silva
Gas and Energy Products and Services Development Coordinator

The Masters in Economics and Business Finance at FGV was, without a doubt, a fundamental instrument for consolidating and deepening my knowledge in the various disciplines in the field of Economics. I graduated in Civil Engineering and I work in the financial area since graduation. The Master's degree represented an evolution in my professional career, providing me with the theoretical strength I needed to face the challenges of the financial area. Being a dense project in personal terms, it is my testimony of how gratifying it is to realize it and the benefits that I have been able to derive from it.

Natasha Gaetner
Market Risk Analyst at Vale