Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What are the differences between the selection processes for the Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree?

The admission to the Master’s degree program has as usual and basic reference the examination of ANPEC - National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics, which is held yearly. The classification used by the School in the ANPEC’s test evaluates with equal weight the Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, and Statistics test grades. The applicants selected through such criterion do not need to send additional material during the selection process.

The selection for the Direct Doctoral Degree is open to holders of undergraduate diploma in any field of knowledge.

Documents required from the applicants who intend to apply for the selection process for the EPGE’s direct Doctoral Degree program:

  1. Enrollment form
  2. Updated Curriculum, and it may be the Curriculum Lattes;
  3. Two recommendation letters from professionals who may evaluate properly your academic potential;
  4. Score and ranking result in the ANPEC (National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics) examination held as of 2010 and/or GRE (Graduate Record Examination – General Test).
  5. Academic transcript of the main undergraduate program;
  6. Other information applicants consider relevant to evaluate their potential in research.

2. I am completing the undergraduate studies (or I have completed my undergraduate studies). Can I apply directly for the Doctoral degree without having the Master’s degree?

Yes. No graduate program is required to begin the Doctoral program in Economics.

3. Can I apply for the Master's selection process without completing my degree?

Yes. However, once approved in the selection process of the Master, it is necessary to deliver undergraduate completion certificate to effect the enrollment.

4. Can I only apply for the Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree program if I majored in Economics?

EPGE has a special interest in motivated students, and seeks to facilitate the young people’s access to the Doctorate. For this, EPGE invites former and undergraduate students from all areas, particularly, in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Administration to participate in our admission process.

More information about Master's and Doctorate courses are available on the webpages Regulation and Courses.

5. I am a foreigner. Can I apply for the Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree program?

Yes. The selection process for foreigners is the same for Brazilian citizens. The information on admission and the enrollment form are available in English here.

6. In which language are the classes conducted?

Most classes are conducted in Portuguese. In some cases, the courses are conducted in English.

7. Can I work while attending the Master’s program? And the Doctoral program?

Since the Master’s and Doctoral classes are held in the full-time period from Monday to Friday, it is very difficult to reconcile them with a professional activity, mainly during the 1st year of Program.

8. Can I work and apply for the scholarship?

No. In accordance with the rules of funding bodies, in order to receive a scholarship allowance, applicants are not allowed to have an employment relationship.

9. Is there a dormitory for the EPGE’s students?


10. Is there a dining hall for the EPGE’s students?

FGV has restaurant and cafeteria services on its ground floor for the Institution’s students, staff, and professors.

11. Are there study rooms for the EPGE’s students?

EPGE has study rooms for the master’s and doctoral students, located on the 10th and 11th floors. They are equipped with computers and access to printers and, besides that, they have Wi-Fi for the use of mobile devices by the students.

12. How many courses are there in the Master’s and Doctoral programs?

All the information on the courses of the Master’s and Doctoral programs are available here.

13. Which courses are mandatory in the Program? And the electives?

All the information on the courses of the Master’s and Doctoral programs are available here.

14. I already am a Master or Doctor through another Program. Can I obtain an exemption from subjects?

You can request the transfer credits of courses attended in another program through an open application at the Academic Records Office (SRA). The application is subject to analysis by the Directorship, in accordance with School’s internal criteria.

15. I am an alumnus of the EPGE’s Master’s Degree program, can I use the credits taken?

Credits are automatically used if acquired with approval in the past 10 years.

16. Which is the passing average in the Master’s and Doctoral courses?

The academic achievement evaluation is made per course, incurring on the student’s attendance and academic achievement. Conditions necessary to pass:

  1. Student’s enrollment in the course;
  2. Obtaining FINAL GRADE equal to or above six point zero (6.0) in the course;
  3. Minimum attendance equal to 75% (seventy-five percent) of the total course load established for the course

17. Is there a possibility of programs withdrawal?

In accordance with the norms issued by the ruling bodies, that do not interrupt the period counting for an absent student due to academic withdrawal, the School only authorizes leaving the Program, being its readmission subject to a new selection process.

18. What happens if I am not able to complete my program within the deadline?

Students who are not able to defend their dissertation/thesis within the regulated deadline will be withdrawn from the program, and their readmission is subject to a new selection process.

19. Which are the policies and criteria to obtain and maintain a scholarship?

All information regarding award and maintenance of scholarships are available here (Master’s degree) and here (Doctoral degree).

20. If I pass, I will be a graduate with earnings. Can I apply for the scholarship?

No, the only student eligible to apply for the scholarship awarded is the one who does not have an employment relationship, or, in case he/she has, is relieved of professional activities without the perception of earnings. All information regarding award and maintenance of scholarships are available here (Master’s degree) and here (Doctoral degree)).

21. In the selection process and obtain a paid leave, can I apply for the scholarship?

All information regarding award and maintenance of scholarships are available here (Master’s degree), here (Doctoral degree) and here (Applicant’s Handbook).

22. Do I need to send documents for the master’s degree selection process?

It is not necessary to send any documentation during the master’s program selection process because we use only the ANPEC’s examination ranking
After the ranking phase, it is necessary to submit documents for the student’s enrollment in the School, according to the list of documents available on the Applicant’s Handbook.

23. Does EPGE have a structure to support the professional placement of Master’s and Doctoral degree students?

Yes. The academic graduate students have a support network for their professional entrance at the end of the programs. Click here to access the page of candidates to the job market.

24. Is it possible to schedule a meeting with the Coordination to solve other questions not included in this listing?

Yes, it is possible. The scheduling must be required via email to

25. Are the Academic Master’s and Doctoral programs paid?

No. Both programs are exempt from any financial onus to the student.

26. Do I need an English course diploma to enroll in the Master’s/Doctoral program?

No. Students have up to six months before completing the program to submit their certificate.
Note: Proficiency examinations in this language will be held yearly. Proficiency diplomas and certificates issued by renowned institutions can fulfill the proficiency requirements.
Note: EPGE’s approved candidates which obtained grade equal or up to 5 in the English Test of 2020 Anpec Exam will be dismissed from the test or from proof of proficiency in a foreign language.

27. When are the selection processes for the Master’s and Doctoral Degree held?

Both are held yearly; the Master’s degree selection process is held according to ANPEC’s Examination calendar; the Doctoral degree selection process calendar can be followed up here (Doctoral degree) and here (Master’s degree).