General Information, Scope and Objectives

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The FGV EPGE’s Graduate Program is divided into two courses:

The PhD in Economics at FGV EPGE is a four years course that aims to graduate academicians who dialogue with the most advanced topics in Economics.

At the frontier of selected fields of Economic Science, the emphasis of the PhD Program is quantitative, seeking to launch academicians with sophisticated mastery of all relevant areas of Economics. The PhD course is concluded with the defense of a thesis that represents an original contribution to the literature on the chosen subject.

The access to the FGV EPGE’s PhD Program may take two forms:



In the first situation, the students enter in the FGV EPGE’s Master Program and progress directly to the PhD Program. The students’ passage to the PhD Program may occur after the conclusion of master’s degree (option A) or even during the master’s course (option B), but in this last option it is only possible considering students’ performance and formally request the School. It must be noted that in the second case, Capes considers the date of admission to the PhD Program as the date of admission to the Master’s Program.  That is, the deadline for the doctorate degree count from the date of enrollment in the Master Program.

The second situation is through the PhD Program. In this possibility students enter directly in the PhD without necessarily having a master’s degree. Furthermore, background in Economics is not required do access this program.

The MA in Economics of FGV EPGE aims to provide a broad and solid conceptual basis in Economics. It graduates students both for the continuation of the studies in the PhD in FGV EPGE or another institution, as well as for the immediate entrance in diverse professional activities in public and private sectors and in the academic area. Like the PhD Program, it is not required undergraduate’s degree in Economics to access the Master’s Program.

FGV EPGE has a special interest in motivated students and seeks to facilitate the access of young people to the PhD. Thus, the School invites current undergraduate students and undergraduate’s degree holders from all areas, in particular Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Administration to participate in our admission process.

More information about Master and PhD Programs are available on the regulation, curriculum.

Student approved in EPGE’s Admission Process is exempt from tuition payment and may also compete for development agencies’ scholarship.