Selective Process - Academic Master

Entering the Master Program has the usual basic reference and examination of ANPEC - National Association of Graduate in Economics Centers, which is held annually. The classification used by the School in the ANPEC Exam considers with equal weight the notes of evidence of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics. During the ANPEC registration it is necessary to inform that the purpose of the exam is to apply to the FGV EPGE ´s Master in Economics.

It is not necessary to send any document during the Academic Master selective process because EPGE only uses the candidate classification in the ANPEC exam. Once selected by the School, the candidate need to present the documents listed to effect the enrollment.



Student approved in EPGE’s Admission Process is exempt from tuition payment and may also compete for development agencies’ scholarship. The values and rules of obtaining and maintaining the scholarships are subject to the standards set by public funding agencies, namely CNPq ( National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) , CAPES / PROEX ( Personal Improvement Coordination of Higher Education / Program Academic Excellence ) and FAPERJ (Foundation for Research of the State of Rio de Janeiro). Partnerships with some private institutions have also made possible over the past few years, the provision of some additional scholarship


Leveling Module

Leveling Module - 11/25 to 12/20/2019 Program



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