The EPGE Academic Graduate Program has two Programs: Masters and Ph.D.

Access to the Doctorate may be through the EPGE Master´s (see rules in "Internal Selection" in Regulation menu) or directly (Doctorate).

The process in which the student decides to apply for the PhD without going through the EPGE Masters, is called PhD.

The Doctoral program is the same, for both students entering the Doctorate and for students entering through the EPGE Masters. Courses, rules for obtaining title and criteria for access the scholarships are the same in both programs.

The EPGE selection process for Academic Masters and Doctorate takes place between July and December of each year, within the principles of equality and impartiality.

For specific information about the procedure for each program, please click on the links below:

Academic Master.


For questions and general information access the Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, the School offers an e-mail service channel.

Selection for the Doctoral Program / MA Program

FGV/EPGE – Graduate Studies Office
Selection for Doctoral Program /  Master Academic Program

Praia de Botafogo, 190, room 1123
ZIP Code: 22250-900 | Rio de Janeiro | RJ | Brazil
Phone: (55 21) 3799-5479