Luiz Felipe Pires Maciel


Working Papers

L." "Maciel. ”Pass-Through Cambial: Uma estimação para o caso brasileiro”, 2006. Master Thesis.

P. Bretan, L. Maciel, and H. Notini. ”Fractional integration and PPP in Brazil”, 2006. Working Paper.

L. Maciel, A. Pizzinga, and R. Souza. ”Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Brazil: A State-Space Approach”, 2007. Working Paper.

L." "Maciel. ”Is There Asymmetry in Exchange Rate Pass-Through?”, 2007. Working Paper.

L. Maciel and H. Notini. ”Exchange Rate Volatility and Disaggregated Exports in Brazil”, 2007. Working Paper.

L. Maciel, J. Carluccio, and C. Terra. ”Innovations, Absorptive Capacity and Efficiency: Evidence from Brazilian Firms”, 2008. Working Paper.

A. Carlos, L. Maciel, and H. Notini. ”A Demanda de Energia Eletrica Brasileira com Coeficientes Variantes no Tempo: Uma Analise Pos-Apagao”, 2008. Working Paper.

Research Interests

T. A.

* International Finance : Course of Master in Business and Finance - 2007

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