Pedagogical Support Center for Undergraduate Program - NAP

The NAP acts as a support channel to the coordinators of all FGV/ Rio´s Undergraduate Programs. Its competence is to monitor and to supervise the implementation of the Program´s Pedagogical Project and act with the students and professors in order to improve the didactic-pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical assistance provided by the Undergraduate programs. Up to the present date, NAP participates effectively in Undergraduate Programs in Business Administration, Social Sciences, Economics, History and Applied Mathematics. Composed of graduates in the Education, Psychology and other fields of Education, the Pedagogical Support Center team follows the student from the moment of his/her entry into the program until its completion. The monitoring of the student's school career through personal contact is aimed at minimizing the natural concerns of young people entering higher education, creating better educational conditions for their maturity and intellectual achievement and significantly reducing dropout rates and uncertainty with the choice of course, usually found in higher education. In addition, the Center adopts an active approach to search the student´s manifestations about their experience during school activities, their questions, suggestions and special needs. So the first place you should go to obtain guidance for your program is NAP.


Pedagogical Coordination: Helena Giolito
Pedagogical Technical Assistant: Tatiane Rosa Santos
Pedagogical Support Team: Bruna CalleiaClaudia Cossich e Karine Pimentel

Address: Praia de Botafogo, 190 - 3rd floor Office: 309
Phone: +55 (21) 3799-5910/ Fax: 55(21) 3799-6091
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