Study Center

Experimental Economics Center

The Experimental Economics Center (CEE) at EPGE is a laboratory and research center with expertise in experimental economics. This empirical research field uses laboratory methods employing, for example, to test the validity of theoretical predictions, as well as the performance of market mechanisms. CEE purpose is to understand the operation of markets, apart from other institutions and the behavior of agents in decision-making.

Experiments are electronically carried out to allow a greater control over the environment object of the research. The data observed in decision-making processes that simulates the incentives present in the real world are analyzed. Participants are then paid as a result of their choices.

More recently, the CEE has expanded the scope of experimental studies conducted to cover also methods of contingent valuation, broadening the spectrum of experimental research conducted at EPGE.

Applied Economics Center

Coordinated by Prof. Aloisio Araujo, the Applied Economics Center (CEA) aims to produce and disseminate the intellectual works that have an impact in the current economic debate on several important issues on the national agenda.