Luis H.B. Braido

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Chicago, 2002



1. Output Contingent Securities and Efficient Investment by Firms
International Economic Review, accepted for publication, Feb. 2017
Joint with V. Filipe Martins-da-Rocha  [pdf]  [Supplement]

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Joint with Juliano J. Assunção  [pdf]  [Appendix]

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Joint with Daniel Ferreira  [pdf]

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13. Dynamic Price Competition in Auto-Insurance Brokerage
Joint with Bruno Ledo  [pdf]
R&R - Rand Journal of Economics

14. The Mystery of Capital under Adverse Selection: The Net Effects of Titling Policies
Joint with Carlos E. da Costa and Bev Dahlby

15. Evidence on the Relationship between Risk and Incentives  [pdf]

16. Morbidity Risk and Health-Insurance Coverage
Joint with Genaro D. Lins  [pdf]


LACEA Honorary Member (since 2012)

Board Member, Brazilian Society of Econometrics (SBE, 2010-2011)

Panel Member, Economía—The Journal of LACEA (2007)

Associate Editor of RBE–The Brazilian Review of Economics (Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2007)

Referee Reports for: Econometrica; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Economic Theory; Games & Economic Behavior; Economic Theory; Journal of Mathematical Economics; Journal of Development Economics; European Economic Review; Economics Letters; Economic Inquiry; Scandinavian Journal of Economics; Journal of Public Economic Theory; Applied Economic Letters; Journal of Economic Issues

Research Visits: University of Vienna (Jan. 2017); European University Institute (Dec. 2014); London School of Economics (MES Group, Nov.-Dec. 2008); Toulouse School of Economics (Jan.-Feb. 2005); University of Chicago (Jan.-Mar. 2003)






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