FGV EPGE: Top Department of Economics in Latin America

The mission of FGV EPGE primarily reflects excellence in teaching, dissemination of knowledge and its scientific impact in the international academic community. Even any performance index is always incomplete and subject to improvements, the use of ranking is usual in evaluation of Departments.

Since 2005, EPGE is appointed, by the prestigious ranking of the of the University of Tilburg, from Netherlands, as the first Department of Economics of Latin America. In the last three years in which data are available, was no different. EPGE kept the first place.


In the National Context, EPGE led the IGC National Ranking in Three of the Five latest Reviews

Headline from O Globo webpage points to EPGE as the best Higher-Education Institution, among more than 2100 institutions.

The EPGE's IGC – General Course Index - EPGE, comprising undergraduate and graduate programs, was three times the largest in Brazil, in the all five evaluations of MEC – Ministry of Education. Depending on the year, this happened among a slightly lower or higher universe of 2000 Higher Education Institutions in Brazil, covering all the careers and types of IES (colleges, universities and others). In the two years when EPGE didn’t receive the first place, the School stood with the second position in the ranking. EPGE’s undergraduate, professional master's degree, academic master's and doctoral programs have also been, since 2010, ranked with the highest score of INEP (Undergraduate Program) and Capes (Graduate Programs). In its discrete version, the IGC School has always evaluated with the maximum grade 5.

The IGC is a quality indicator of higher education institutions calculated by MEC based on the average of undergraduation’s Courses Preliminary Concepts – defined from the results of the National Student Performance Exam (Enade) – and the concept attributed by Capes to Masters and Doctoral programs postgraduate.

EPGE is the only graduate program in Economics in Brazil with three maximum scores (7) accumulated in the last four Capes’s triennial reviews (7 in 2001-2003; 6 in 2004-2006; 7 in 2007-2009 and 7 in 2010-2012); and with all the accumulated evaluations Professional Master and Undergraduate equal to a maximum score, 5.

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