EPGE Students Achieve Outstanding performance in 2018 APEC Exam - 11/16/2017

Evaluations and Rankings

The School with the students of the graduation of EPGE for the excellent performance of the National Examination of ANPEC. In particular, the students Gabriel Dias Santamarina, Rafael Costa Berriel Abreu and Igor Antônio Araújo Carreira, who brought to our School another important national distinction. time, the first one (Gabriel), the third (Rafael), and the sixth (Igor) places in the ANPEC Competition, among 1413 candidates who took the test.

Out of the top ten, not one National Exam, only 4 graduated in Rio de Janeiro. Among the latter, the students already known, of our graduation, and the student Rafael Russo, make the IME, which obtains a non-placement. Rafael Russo was an external student of the EPGE Master's degree.