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News of 11/27/2017


EPGE is again reported by the MEC (Ministry of Education) as the First Place of the National IGC (General Course Index) . The evaluation, released on 11/27/2017, involved more than 2100 IES (Higher Education Institutions) and refers to the base year of 2016. With this new result, EPGE will occupy the first place in 6 (six) in 10 (ten) of the national assessments historically carried out by the MEC, related to all areas of knowledge. Worksheet on the MEC website. Consolidated and ordered worksheet by IGC Continuous.

FGV News (Online) (29/11/2017);

EXAME (PDF) (Online) (28/11/2017);


Previous Facts:

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Undergraduate students of EPGE conquered 1º National place at ENADE of Economy  (03/10/2017);



Comment by Former President of the European Comission (2004-2014) Professor José Manuel Durão Barroso (07/21/2017);

Comment by Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles (04/19/2017);

Comment by President of the Central Bank of Brazil Ilan Goldfajn’s (08/14/2017);

Comment by Beatriz Vasconcellos Araújo, former undergraduate student of FGV EPGE (08/14/2017);



EPGE Students Achieve Outstanding performance in 2018 APEC Exam (11/16/2017);


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