General Information, Scope and Objectives

The Program for Graduate Academic FGV/EPGE is divided into two courses:

The EPGE’s PhD program has about four or five years of duration and aims to prepare students to be in touch with the state of art of Economic Science.  Its emphasis is quantitative, leading the edge of selected fields of Economics, but looking to form scholars with a general domain of  all relevant areas. The PhD course is concluded with a thesis that represents an original contribution to the literature on the chosen topic.

EPGE’s MA in Economics aims to provide broad and solid conceptual foundation in Economics to prepare students both for further studies in the EPGE’s doctoral program or in another institution, and for the immediate entry into various professional activities in the public and private sectors.

The unique requirement to attain the diploma of PhD/MA is that the candidate must have a bachelor degree from some area of knowledge. There is no need for any graduating course to start the PhD and/or the MA programs. EPGE has a special interest in students motivated and seeks to facilitate the access of young people to the doctorate program. To reach this goal, EPGE invites undergrad and grad students in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Management and related fields to participate in our admission process.

Further details about the course are available at our webpages about regulation, curriculum and other information.


Financial Information
The Masters and Doctorate Programs are free at EPGE. Scholarships are offered to the best placed students in the admission process.